Mission ConneXion Leadership Conference

posted by Bethel Global Outreach | Dec 11, 2019

When: January 17-18, 2020

Where: Rolling Hills Community Church, Tualatin, OR

What is Mission Connexion?
It is a leadership conference available to anyone who is interested in serving the Lord globally. Their mission statement is: to connect local churches and individuals to mission so that increasing numbers of believers are actively serving in areas of the world’s greatest need and opportunity. 

Why should you go?
Mission ConneXion is a Biblically-based, Spirit-led, and prayer-empowered mobilizing movement that elevates the necessity and priority of missions in the local church.

They operate in a holistic mindset where Sending, Giving, Praying, Funding, Training, Going, and all the other multi-faceted roles of the body of Christ are mobilized to fulfill the Great Commission.

It is local church driven. They lift up and focus on the role of the local Church as the center of missions engagement, calling for action and sacrifice on the part of all so that the church can fulfill its calling.

Our God is a global God! He has called us to share the gospel with all nations! This conference is a great learning experience for anyone who has a passion for global missions!

This year's theme is ONE. ONE body, ONE voice, ONE mission. There will be over 100 workshops to choose from, 100+ exhibits and resources to learn about and 4 keynote speakers. Registration is free!!

The website to register and learn more about the speakers is www.missionconnexion.com

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