Global Workers' Year End Prayer Requests

posted by Bethel Global Outreach | Dec 23, 2019

Annemarie Nechodom
Santa Cruz. Bolivia
-Pray for peace and protection as there are threats of increased violence.
-Pray that in this time the students, and others in Bolivia, could be able to see God working, even in difficult and confusing situations, and see that God is good and be drawn to trust Him and depend on Him

Noah and Esther
We have much to be thankful for:
-Noah's parents are with us in Chad for Christmas
- Our vehicle fund is getting closer to 50%
- We all appear to be in good health

Please pray specifically for:
- Wisdom for so many challenges and decisions which we are encountering for the first time
- Rest, in a culture that doesn't do life like we do
- Our relationships with God to be renewed and strengthened
- God's provision and our trust in Him when we have need
- That we would show God to people even at this early stage

Dan and Kara
Laos & Thailand
 - Please pray that we get approved for the 90 day visas tomorrow.
- Please pray for grace and provision to cover our additional travel costs (hotels and transportation) that we were not anticipating.  
- Ask that we would cling tightly to Jesus and be intentional in seeking His voice above all else. 
- We need wisdom and patience in our leadership responsibilities.  

Al & Rosa Castro 
Ensenada, Mexico
-We just desire health and the ability the serve God in full capacity this coming year. 
-And for the work to bear much fruit.

Tim and Kathy Laughlin 
Dublin, Ireland
-We may have mentioned before that it’s been a challenging year or two in our little church plant as we’ve lost some of our core members, and lost the venue we had been using for our children’s ministries which caused a real drop in numbers.  We certainly wouldn’t have chosen to have these things happen but we’re beginning to see the Lord’s hand in all of it as it has given us opportunities to reach out in a new area. 
-Our Oasis kids club was well attended last week and we’ve had some new kids coming.  Some of the young people were asking spiritual questions and were very interested in what God has to say through his word!  We went away from that evening amazed and encouraged! 
-We had an evening Carol service on Sunday evening which was very well attended by people from our community.  The gospel was clearly presented and many of those who attended stayed for tea, coffee, biscuits and a chat, many seemed very interested.  We’ve had others from the community who have recently started attending church and even Bible study. 
-Please be in prayer that the Spirit of God will move in their hearts and that they would believe.  Also, that he would bring along believers who could join with us in the work here in Kinsale.

Ana Silvia Valencia
El Salvador
-God’s guidance in these coming years, as we pursue the legal process of our
ministry which has been stalled since the death of Liss's brother who was the
lawyer responsible for the proceedings.
-For the students, that next year they can return with good and new
-For our safety and protection.
-For Liss’s family to be strengthened at this Christmas time, and for God’s
comfort in their father and brother's absence.
-For financial provision and the support of the ministry and our families

Rigoberto Reyes
-Support for our disciples in theological classes, materials, and travel expenses
-Finish the Bethlehem building
-Bless the local children with Christmas presents

Agape International Missions
Svay Pak, Cambodia
-We have two trials in Cambodia- one this week and one next week – and they are both pretty huge deals. Pray for JUSTICE and safety of our team please!
-That would be the biggest- and all of our missionaries traveling to see family or rest during the holiday week here

Haitian Christian Mission
Fond Parisien, Haiti
-Peace for the country
-The political conflict is resolved
-For people to gain access to food, medical care, gasoline and education again

Advancing the Ministries of the Gospel
Athens, Greece
-Pray for the team that is going to serve for the Winter Camp
-Pray that the people who attend the camp have opened hearts to hear the gospel

Foundation for His Ministry
Baja and Oaxaca, Mexico
-Please pray for God to continue illuminating this valley and the children at the home. 
-Specifically I pray for our children in university who are on the brink of "adulthood".  I pray they know they are not alone and they will seek God as their compass. 
-I pray for the six new children who have arrived this past month.  Three are babies but five are young ladies (age 5-15) who have transitioned here....tough to begin with but with the holidays even more so.  I pray God can redeem these children's pasts and not be the "identity" of their future.  
-For those of us who serve, I pray for strength, patience and reliance on a Mighty God who equips us for His work.

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