Small Group FAQ

posted by Bethel Community | Mar 4, 2019

So you are wondering what small groups are all about and whether it's something you want to get involved in. Here are a few commonly posed questions that might help you in your journey. Check them out below.

What happens in a small group?

Small group gatherings generally range from 3-12 people and meet in someone’s home or a public place. The gatherings are purposed for connecting with others in order to share life and live out our faith in community. 

Typically, small groups involve casual conversation, snacks, an organized time of open discussion based around a previous week’s sermon, a Bible study, a topical study or a book study. In addition, there may be times of collective prayer and worship. 
Participation is voluntary. You can feel safe to share what’s on your heart if you would like.  

What am I required to do?

The only requirement is to show up. If you would like to participate, you are more than welcome to do so. If you would like to remain silent that is also fine. The only thing we ask is that everyone remain respectful of each other’s viewpoints and not be disruptive. 

Why would I want to attend a small group?

The plan of God was for us to be a family and the majority of God‘s commands to us assume relational interaction. Small groups are a place where you can not only try, but fail and be surrounded by a community of people who will love you, encourage you, pray for you, and challenge you to live out the fullness of God‘s plan for you.

Sometimes the most daunting thing on our journey of life is not the inevitable lows of life, but in finding yourself utterly alone when encountering them.You were not meant to be alone. Small groups become your closest network of friends committed to seeing you thrive. 

Can I just come?

While you are more than welcome to just show up, we recommend reaching out to us first. Sometimes groups are on a temporary break or have recently disbanded or may not be exactly what you’re looking for.  By reaching out to us first we can get you in contact with the small group leader, provide you more information about other groups you may be interested in and confirm for you whether a group is still active and currently meeting.


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