Bethel Kids Baptism Class

posted by Bethel Kids | Feb 11, 2020

Last month both Diesel and Colt Schulz were baptized after going through our baptism class. Bethel Kids has a class for 3rd-5th grade students who are interested in or have questions about being baptized. We asked the boys what they thought about the class and if they felt like it was helpful. They both said it was very helpful and it helped them have a better understanding of baptism. They also said they would encourage other kids to do it. One piece of advice they had was "Not to worry or stress about it. The instructors we so kind and patient." As a parent, Alicia Schulz said she would definitely encourage others to go through this class with their kids. "The information was appropriate for their age and I felt so much less stress about it, having such a wonderful resource. It wasn't all on me to put into words and make sure the boys knew what they should about baptism. The booklet they go through is great! I think it's good having a parent attend with them so that everyone is on the same page. As for what it means, it was really humbling and powerful to me to see the boys taking the next step in their faith journey!'

Our next baptism class is this Sunday, February 16th and you can still register up till the 14th. Just go to here to register.

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