Every High and Stormy Gale

posted by Jillian Finkbeiner | Feb 19, 2020

Dear Beloved Friend,

How is today treating you?  Do you feel the warm breeze of the sun flowing across your cheeks, or are you experiencing the cool darkness and storms that rage in the night which pelt water on your skin and blustery winds that cause your eyes to burn?  How is your heart? Are you hopeful or are you feeling tired? 

I like to describe myself as, “I am strong, but I am tired.”  I’ll be vulnerable in this moment and let you know the thoughts that make me exhausted.  I’m tired of being years out from my mother’s illness and still suffering from the health fears that developed out of those twenty months.  I am growing weary of not having a mother to call on the phone or to talk to about everything or nothing at all.  I’m slowly dreading future moments my mom will not be present.  I’ve clearly had sufficient amounts of thoughts which have caused a dark veil over my life and have hidden Christ’s light and lovely face.  To get through these raging thoughts, I have to rest on His unchanging grace.

In every high and stormy gale, what a perfect description of being tossed around by life.  In 1899, off the coast of northern Australia, Cyclone Mahina was recorded as having the world’s record for the highest storm surge.  At the peak of the storm, it was documented to have produced a whopping forty-eight foot wave.  Assisting this wave was a Category 5 cyclone which easily sustained winds of 175 miles per hour.  A storm of such magnitude was deadly, ending the lives of over 300 citizens and ultimately was unavoidable. Subsequently, this 1800s storm can perfectly depict the last several years of my life.

The cyclone waves of our lives can be felt and described as forty-something foot waves that pound on our minds, beat inside our chests and suffocate our lungs. These cyclical waves of our lives cannot be ignored or dodged.  Unfortunately, there is no way around them, instead we must endure and go through them. We have a beautiful promise from God’s Word though, we are not alone in these storm surges and we will be overcomers in Jesus’ name. Christ is our Anchor and holds our boat upright.  We might be tossed and tousled, but if we are in Him, we will not capsize and be toppled by the water.  Our boat might not look like a sustainable floating vessel by the end, but we are promised the shoreline. Hebrews 6: 18b-19 commands us to be greatly encouraged because we can, “...lay hold of the hope set before us. This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast, and which enters the presence [of Jesus] behind the veil.” 

Beloved Friend, if you believe and trust in Jesus for your life, salvation, redemption and deliverance, He then is your Steadfast Anchor that will keep you safe, secure, and alive in the middle of life’s storm surges.  His sacrifice and unchanging grace have provided a way to lift the veil of darkness that so easily consumes us.  Jesus’ presence in your life is the Anchor which instills and develops sure and true belief that you will make it through the deluge and swelling of life’s roughest storms.  The darkness will break, the dawn will come and you’ll lay your weary, yet victorious eyes, on the glorious shore of goodness, grace and rest.

What does your shoreline look like? Peace, sleep, breath, calm, deliverance, security, light or warmth? Start praying to the Almighty Anchor for the shore.  He will firmly dock you on the soft sand and place your feet on solid warm ground.  You will be safe and you will be okay.  But, for now, in the midst of your storm, I’m praying for you. You might not make it immediately but, in every high and stormy gale, your Anchor will hold firmly with the darkest of veil.

Love you!  He makes weak strong, in the Savior’s love!
Jillian Paige

**Jillian Finkbeiner is a leader in Bethel's healing and recovery ministry.  If you or someone you love is struggling following the death of someone close to you, a new Griefshare group will be starting soon, taught by Jillian.  

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