Head to the Heart Winter Camp Recap

posted by Bethel High School | Feb 23, 2020

By Simon Hart

On February 7th, the Bethel High School took about 60 people to Lazy F Camp outside of Ellensburg for an epic experience with the Lord. When students are taken away from their daily lives and put into a non-distracting, calming location; it helps to create an environment that welcomes Christ into our hearts.

As the weekend started, our brother Christian Gonzales (W. Pasco) spoke about the heart of God as our father. This sermon helped students to start to wrap their heads around the actions of our heavenly father’s constant pursuit. Christian used the story of the Prodigal Son to help students understand God’s heart towards us. The experience through musical worship throughout the whole weekend overall welcomed God into all of our hearts. As we had two more sermons, on the heart of Jesus and the heart of the Holy Spirit, God kept moving in everyone’s lives. 

It felt as if physical, mental, and spiritual healing was actually happening as we sang the words to the song “Way Maker”. This song encouraged the hope that Christ is constantly working in our hearts and when we take a moment to step back and listen, our lives are transformed. On Sunday morning, students had an opportunity to sit in prayer and reflection to try and understand their own hearts towards God. We had spent all weekend listening to and processing the trinity’s heart towards us so we now needed to listen and understand how we feel about God. In these final moments away from society, many people’s souls were brought to peace and the Holy Spirit began to fill our lives. 

 As we drove back into town, the conversations in the car encouraged pursuit of a close relationship with Christ as we entered into our distracting, sin-filled lives. Now, sitting here a few weeks after camp, I can personally say that my view of my God and my religion has been completely altered and I know of at least a few of my friends who have seen physical and spiritual transformation in their lives. 

All in all, Head to the Heart Winter Camp 2020, was an experience that affected the relationships of many of our brothers and sisters at HSM and now we are very excited to experience and energize the friendships made with Christ and others at camp!


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