Spring, a visible reminder of hope.

posted by Bethel Kids | Mar 24, 2020

By Mel Ackerman

On the first day of spring, I like many others headed outside to enjoy the nice weather and do some yard work. I found my senses fully engaged as I took in the smell of the dirt I was working in and felt the light breeze brush against my skin. I could hear children playing outside and families talking as they walked by. I watched butterflies and bees taking part in a beautiful dance as they went from flower to flower. It was at that moment that a thought came to me. There are many unknowns and uncertainties right now, a pandemic is taking place around us but the seasons are not effected in any way by this. They will come and go no matter what. Try telling spring, summer, fall and winter that we are in the middle of chaos, they won't care, they will come anyway.

What I love most about seasons is that they all bring something unique with them. Summer brings its hot days, gardens in full force, green lush grass that feels like a carpet beneath bare feet. Blue skies and full green leaves that provide shade from the heat. Fall brings the harvest of that garden, cooler nights and mornings with dewdrops on blades of grass, crisp beautifully colored leaves and gray skies along with the smell and sounds of crackling fires. Winter brings us peace and quiet, a time to slow down, a silent hush as we carry on with traditions of old and create new traditions as our families grow and change. It is a time of reflection as we enter a new year. Then there is spring. Spring always brings hope.  Seeing those little green promises of life poking up out of the earth after a long hard winter, seeing the blue skies after many dark gray days, enjoying longer hours of daylight, feeling the sun on your skin and seeing leaves begin to unfold on the trees. It is a time to open our windows and let some fresh air in. It is a promise that no matter how long and hard our winter was, spring will always come.

I think that is a promise we should remember as we find ourselves in the middle of these uncertain times and unknown territory. When we might feel anxious and unsettled. It is a good thing to know that even when we don't know what's ahead, God does. The God who brings the seasons also brings us hope. The God who spoke all of creation into existence holds us in the palm of his hand. 

The next time you are out in your yard, or just looking out your window. Remember that God is in control. Let the seasons be a constant reminder that we serve a God bigger than this pandemic and He is still in control.

"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit." Romans 15:13 

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