GO Team Expectations & Financial Guidelines

posted by Bethel Global Outreach | Mar 7, 2019

Team Expectations

Before Going
  • Pray for the the trip, the team members, your own growth, as well as those you will ministry to.
  • Recruit essential prayer supporters.
  • Raise financial support (each person or family is responsible for their own expenses) by agreed upon dates.
  • Participate in each team meeting.
  • Obtain your passport, visa, and any needed immunizations.
  • Joyfully serve under the leader(s) that are overseeing the team.
During the Trip
  • Maintain a close walk with God throughout the trip. 
  • Participate in all team meetings, ministries, functions, etc.
  • Respect and support the team leader(s). 
  • Be flexible and gracious when things don't work out as planned or according to your standards. 
  • Stretch yourself, try things beyond your comfort zone (e.g. new foods, leading a devotional, praying out loud, new worship expressions, conversations with local people, talk with someone about your faith, etc.)
  • Don't go anywhere alone without the permission of your team leader.
  • Actively seek insights into the kingdom of God.
  • Restrict the use of entertainment and tech equipment on the flights and down-time. The important thing is to remain available for team interactions.
  • Behave in culturally appropriate ways, as best you know how. This includes avoiding public displays of affection, even between married couples. 
  • Respect the down-time of others.
  • Resolve disputes or concerns as soon as feasibly possible. Bring any serious concerns directly to a team leader rather than someone else, even if just to ask for prayer for the concern.
  • Understand that you may not have regular access to internet and not make requests to use the host missionary's pc for personal communication.
  • Photograph team activities when needed (according to our partner's guidelines) and share your photos with the team upon returning to the States. 
  • Team members are expected to refrain from alcohol consumption for the entirety of the trip including travel.
  • I understand and agree that if at any time while overseas my behavior constitutes a problem or embarrassment, the team leader has the authority to ask me to return home. Any additional costs incurred, as a result of this action, will be at my own expense.
After Returning Home
  • Attend the team debriefing meeting.
  • Invest your experiences in Bethel Church ministries and outreach.
  • Send letters or emails of thanks to our hosts and host country team partners.

Financial Guidelines

  • Each participant is required to cover their own expenses for a short-term mission's trip through a combination of self-funding, Bethel support, and support fundraising. The trip's cost is communicated at the beginning of the team's selection process. Full funding must be provided before the trip departs. Each participant is responsible for his/her portion of the trip costs.
  • Typically, Bethel contributes up to 30% of the trip cost (higher % for Team Leaders), each participant is expected to personally contribute a non-refundable deposit of $250 (this is to be paid at the Initial Team Meeting and/or before flights are booked) and is responsible for the remaining funds to reach 70%. Exception - college students who are connected to Bethel, who are not members, will be review on an individual basis by the Global Leadership Team.
  • Each participant is requested to develop a support team and communicate through a well written personal support letter during the preparation stage. The support team consists of family and friends who are willing to financially give to the trip's cost and/or commit to pray and encourage the participant even if the participant chooses to fully-fund themselves. Raising support from the Christian community and friends, similarly as missionaries, is the foremost method of fundraising. The team may also opt to raise funds via an approved fundraising event.
  • Bethel Church does not allow a team member to send out letters to the church or Small Group membership or directory at large. Contacts should be well-acquainted/personal relationships to be allowed.
  • All gifts in excess of the trip costs are kept and maintained by Bethel Church. Any individual/team's excess support funds will be used specifically for future short-term mission's trips. In most cases the excess funds will be used for the trip given to. The excess funds could be used to offset insufficient funds from other team members or taken with the team to be used for extra or unforeseen expenditures, gifts, or projects.
  • No refunds can be given for participants dropping off the team after the initial team meeting. These funds will remain int he trip account for that team or other Bethel trips. This includes deposit, airlines tickets, visas, and incoming support.
  • Support funds cannot be used for any personal expenses including passports, luggage, souvenirs, immunizations, etc. Team members should be prepared to personally invest in the personal costs of the trip. (Team funds can be used for country specific visas requiring entry visas)
  • All gifts to individuals/team are tax-deductible, including self-funding gifts. The above guidelines are in keeping with IRS regulations allowing us to provide tax-exemption to donors. 

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