May Kadlec Prayer Event

posted by Angie Hufford | May 4, 2020

On Saturday, May 9th, we will meet at 6:40PM in the parking lot directly behind LIFE 7 Church in Richland (1110 Stevens Dr), to do a Bethel prayer event at Kadlec. We will encourage Kadlec workers around their 7pm shift change, followed by a prayer walk around Kadlec.  Kadlec has approved this event.  

Mask, gloves, and social distancing WILL BE REQUIRED for ALL participants. Children are welcome, but we ask for safety that those under age three be in a stroller, baby carrier or child backpack carrier.

We will have gloves available for adults (if you don't have any), and we do have some extra masks (limited).  We will stagger our prayer walkers so that social distancing is followed. 

Park your car towards the back of the parking lot and meet at the white bridge that covers a ravine and separates the parking lot from Kadlec.  If the parking lot is full, park in the Central Church side parking lot (by the skate park), and walk down to the Kadlec parking lot. 

We ask that you bring signs of encouragement to hold and share as we prayer walk around Kadlec.  (TIP:  Dollar Store has foam board that is sturdy and makes great signs). Limit the words on the signs, so they can be written big and can be read from the top floors of Kadlec. 

Examples of encouraging things to write on the signs (but write whatever you want):

Praying for you!
You got this!
God is with you! 
Jesus loves you! 
Hang in there!  

Jan Sederburg is the team lead for this event, so feel free to contact her with further questions:

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