Covid-19 Serving Opportunities (May)

posted by Bethel Local Outreach | May 5, 2020

Hello fellow servants! 

In the past six weeks, you have made an incredible difference in our community as you have served and helped many in need, related to Covid-19. We continue to hear weekly from community partners and families who need help. We are seeking wisdom from the Lord about how and where to help, as the needs are many and ongoing. Thank you for partnering with us in Bethel’s efforts to be a light of hope in our community. The biggest need overall in our community continues to be food insecurity, so many of our projects are addressing those needs. Here are several different projects that we could use your help with completing, either immediately, ongoing, or in the near future:


*Community “Baked Treats with THANKS” blitz 

Help us bless some of our local leaders in the medical, nonprofit, fire & law enforcement and social work fields. On May 22-23, were are planning a large “community blitz” to say THANK YOU to many who have worked the “front lines” the past six weeks. We could use your help to bake and deliver goods, along with a thank you poster or card from our church.  

Needed:  One of the following to be delivered in a disposable container:  2-3 dozen cookies, 1-2 pies, 1-2 loaves of bread (pumpkin, banana, etc), cupcakes or any baked treats that would bless these local heroes.

To participate: Email Jan Sederburg ( to receive a donation location and then drop off your treats and card/poster on May 22 or May 23. If you have a local, specific place (firehouse in your neighborhood, a nonprofit leader you know, etc), you would like to drop off your treats, we will work to help you make that happen. If you can bake but are unable to deliver, let us know and we’ll arrange for your items to be picked up and delivered for you. 

*Emerson Elementary in Pasco

We have had an ongoing partnership with Emerson for several years. Over 96% of their students receive free/reduced lunches, and the school staff is working hard to distribute additional food to families. Many of the homes have adults who continue to work, so many children need simple lunch items (microwavable) to help them daily eat. To participate, collect a few items and drop in the food collection bins at Bethel Richland (open 24/7). 

Microwavable items requested:  mac and cheese, canned soups, individual meals

Other helpful meal items:  peanut butter, cereal, instant oatmeal, Ramen noodles

*Kadlec Prayer Walk

On May 9 at 6:30PM, we will gather at Kadlec for our second prayer walk and Kadlec staff encouragement time.  For more information, click on this link

*Grace Clinic

Grace Clinic is on the “front lines” of providing healthcare to the uninsured in our community.  Their caseload has greatly risen since the start of Covid-19, which means their need for supplies has increased, too. Additionally, they now pay for a cleaning service to come and clean instead of volunteers, and they have the added expense of telehealth. These donations are a simple but effective way we can help them reduce costs!  They are accepting donations at their clinic (800 W Canal Dr., Kennewick), or donations can be dropped at Bethel in the food collection drive bins. 

Needed: Hand sanitizer, toilet paper, disinfecting wipes and sprays (non-bleach)  


*Vintage Senior Living Complex, Richland

The Tri-City Union Gospel Mission reached out to ask for Bethel’s help with the Vintage Senior Living Complex. UGM supplies food each month for the elderly resident's food pantry. Since UGM is not accepting donations right now, they have been unable to help the residents there. They asked if we could fill that need for now, which we will do. Email Rachal Carr to coordinate a drop off of items:

Items needed: canned soups, cup of noodles, rice bowls, mac and cheese

*Collections (in the Bethel main office glass entrance:

--Food Collection Drive:  We continue a food collection drive with our local Fellowship of Christian Athletes partnership, for the local food bank and for Soul Soup. So far, we have delivered over 4,000 pounds of food to our local food banks!  

--Medical Masks Collection Drive: People continue to sew and donate, and our team leader (Windy Hancock) continues to deliver to places in need. In total, Bethel has delivered over 400 donated masks to our community. 

--Cards for Nursing Homes:  Ongoing--weekly cards are being distributed to elderly who are lonely in local nursing homes. 


*Spring Yard Clean-ups 

Many of our elderly (both at Bethel and in our community) remain quarantined and are unable to get outside and complete basic spring yard work. We will be doing a community service project day to bless some of our seniors. We are planning for May 30 (save the date), but that date may change based on social distancing requirements. Our hope is that families would “adopt a senior” and work together to help with needed outdoor work. More details will follow in our next email update in two weeks. 

*Nonprofit Projects

We are working with some of our local nonprofit partners to help them as they provide care for families affected by Covid-19. We are working through needs and hope to have a list of projects and items needed soon. These projects will likely occur in June, when small groups can hopefully begin to serve together again.  More details to follow.    

Friends, this is so very true…

“Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God. Whenever I pray, I make my requests for all of you with joy, for you have been my partners in spreading the Good News about Christ from the time you first heard it until now.”  (Philippians 1:3-5)  

Truly honored to serve Christ with you!  To Him be the glory forever and ever, amen!  

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