Jason Greene, Senior Pastor Nominee

posted by Bethel Communications | May 13, 2020

A couple of weeks ago, it was announced that Vanderbloemen would be presenting the Search Committee a slate of candidates on May 7th. As it turns out, the slate wasn’t presented to the church and this was at the Elders’ request.

About two months ago, the Elders resumed conversations about Jason Greene and came to an agreement that we would talk to him about the position. On May 4th, there was unanimous agreement that Jason would be our Senior Pastor candidate and we will be presenting him to the Bethel members for vote. We are excited to share that on May 5th Jason accepted the nomination!

About Jason

There is a lot to love about Jason that you will hear more about in the coming days, but right now we would like to share a few reasons why we are ecstatic for Jason to take a larger leadership role here at Bethel.

Whenever we are looking for teammates, we often talk about the three C’s – Character, Chemistry, and Competence – Jason is outstanding in all three. His character is beyond reproach. One of our values is Humble Hearts, and as we searched for a Senior Pastor we were beginning to wonder if we could find a leader with a humble heart…turns out there was one in Prosser.

The true test for Chemistry is time. With Jason, everyone who knows him well loves him. The more you know him, the more you love him. You should all be looking forward to getting to know Jason better.

Jason’s competency is shown in everything he does whether it is teaching, leading, vision casting or just being an excellent teammate. We’ve all been able to appreciate Jason’s preaching, and now we will get a lot more of it! Many hours have been spent by a lot of people watching teachers from all over the country as we have been searching for a Senior Pastor. As time has gone on, it became increasingly clear that the Lord had blessed us with one of the best there is in Jason. There simply is no reason to look outside of who the Lord has already provided, and this last year’s national search only confirmed that.

Voting Process

This announcement is the first step of a process that will lead to a congregational vote by Bethel members on May 31.

We’ve never hired a Senior Pastor internally during a global pandemic after a 4-year season of transition, and we are figuring this out just as many of you are!

Prior to the electronic vote on May 31, and as soon as possible, we will be sharing more about the process and how we got here, much more about why we believe that Jason is God’s man to lead Bethel, a transition plan from Jason’s current role as Prosser Campus Pastor, and there will be opportunities for you to ask questions and interact with Jason and his family online.

This will all come in the form of videos, zoom calls, and a webpage that is regularly updated with answers to Frequently Asked Questions and more.


There is much more to follow, but for now, please join us as we celebrate this milestone in Bethel’s history.

We want to thank the Search Committee, vetting teams, staff, and so many of you that have been involved and provided feedback throughout the process. 

The Bethel Elders

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