God of Wonders

posted by Bethel Communications | May 20, 2020

By Gabe Lyons

At the start of 2020 we were unaware of a sinister and deadly enemy lurking in our midst. We still gathered with friends and showed our love with hugs and kisses. We dined out, traveled, worked in our offices, enjoyed movies and shopped at malls. Our children attended school and played with their friends.

Then one morning we awoke to a very different world. Suddenly, hugs and kisses became harmful, and isolation showed our love. Dining out meant pick-up or delivery and movies, playtime and vacations were canceled. Employment became uncertain, Disneyland's magic went missing, houses of worship were deserted, and cruise ships turned into petri dishes. There was no barrier against this infectious intruder—not the Great Wall of China, not the vast Atlantic and Pacific oceans, not even any geographical or political barrier could stop its advance. Nothing mattered if you couldn't inhale your next breath.

But the Earth herself seemed to take a giant sigh. The skies cleared as air pollution decreased dramatically, wildlife returned to areas normally trampled by humans, the unbridled use of Her natural resources declined.

I wonder if God, in His infinite wisdom, decided to send all His people a message. Neither wealth nor power matters if we cannot properly utilize the resources of this planet that He so meticulously engineered. Adam and Eve were given dominion over this incredible gift and it has been passed down to us. When we again unlock our doors and venture out, perhaps we should look with fresh eyes on the incredible beauty that surrounds us—listen to the melodic songs of the birds, walk with wonder through our national parks, and consider the endless roar of the surf, as the sun gently slides beneath the waves at our favorite beach.

The water, land and sky will go on without us, but we cannot exist without them. God's great plan includes us, but we must be capable of being good stewards of our gracious gifts. We are, after all, only guests on this great blue marble, not it's master. There is only one Master. He is the God of all creation, the “God of wonders beyond our galaxy,” and we should open our eyes, ears and hearts to Him.

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