Assistance FAQ

posted by Bethel Assistance | Mar 3, 2019

Do you have an assistance program?
  • Yes, we meet on the 2nd Monday of each month (except December & January when there is no assistance). We meet at Bethel Church in the HUB. The doors open at 5:30pm. Call the Hotline number, 509-628-1247, to receive current information.
What kind of assistance do you provide?
  • We typically assist with past due rent and utility bills.
Do you help with hotels?
  • No. We do not provide any IMMEDIATE assistance.
Do you help with deposits?
  • No. Our policy does not allow assistance for deposits.
Can you help with rent? I am being evicted today?
  • No. Our policy does not allow assistance for any immediate need. We do offer a monthly assistance program. Please call our Hotline at 509-628-1247 for current information.
Who else provides assistance?
  • Call 2-1-1 on your phone to receive a list of available resources.

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