Same Page Summer - Questions for Reflection Week 2

posted by Bethel Group Life | Jun 19, 2020

Questions Week 2

June 22
  • Psalm 15. Hey everyone, from the list of characteristics given in verses 2-5, which one would you like to thank God for developing in your life? Is there one you would like to ask the Lord to help you improve?
  • Psalm 16. Depending on the Bible version you are using, verse 3 says that David delights in the "saints” or “godly” or “holy” people in the land. Can you think of a saint you delight in?
  • Psalm 17. So, justice is a big topic of conversation right now. Is there a "just cause" for which you have called out to the Lord?
June 23
  • Psalm 18. None of us would need to look very far to observe an example of scheming in the world around us. In verse 26b, what does "to the devious you show yourself shrewd" (NIV) mean?
  • Psalm 19. Take a minute to think back.  Can you describe a time when the heavens declared the glory of God to you personally?
June 24
  • Psalm 20. Check out verse 5. Recall a time when you celebrated someone else’s victory.
  • Psalm 21. Take a look at verse 6b. Describe a time when you were particularly glad with the joy of the Lord's presence.
June 25
  • Psalm 22. Wow! Jesus knew this psalm well. He had known that it described what He would soon face. Take a few minutes to contemplate the horror experienced by Jesus as described in this Messianic psalm and thank Him for enduring it for your sake.
  • Psalm 23. What do you think…what is one aspect of dwelling in the house of the Lord forever that you most look forward to?
  • Psalm 24. What do you think verses 7-10 describes?
June 26
  • Psalm 25. Have you ever felt convicted, and realized the Lord’s forgiveness was the only way out? Take a look at verse 11. Can you think of anything for which you need to seek the Lord's forgiveness?
  • Psalm 26. See verses 4-5. Have you been in a situation where someone was taking you down a path where you knew you shouldn’t go? Did you or should you have separated yourself from them?
June 27
  • Psalm 27. See verses 13-14. We all know about waiting right now, don’t we? What is something that you are waiting for the Lord to bring to completion?
  • Psalm 28. Life has its challenges doesn’t it? There are times, though, when we realize the Lord is taking care of us, like David did in verses 6-7. Share a time when you experienced something like this.

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