Same Page Summer - Questions for Reflection Week 3

posted by Bethel Group Life | Jun 25, 2020

June 29

·       Psalm 29: The ESV translation titles this psalm “Ascribe to the Lord Glory.”  What do you usually ascribe to the Lord?  What do you not ascribe to the Lord that you should?

·       Psalm 29: This psalm offers many descriptions of the voice of the Lord.  Which description stuck out to you most and why?

·       Psalm 30: This psalm was written for the dedication of the temple.  What might you expect in such a song?  Was there anything in this song that seemed out of place to you?  
Why do you think David included that in this dedication?


June 30

·       Psalm 31: In verse 1, David says he takes refuge in the Lord.  What do you typically take refuge in?

·       Psalm 31, verse 24: What are you currently waiting on the Lord for?  How do you remain strong and let your heart take courage?

·       Psalm 32, verses 3-4: Have you ever felt like David did from an unconfessed sin?  What made you finally decide to take it to the Lord?

·       Psalm 32, verses 3-4: Knowing that Jesus Christ has forgiven all of our sins, why do you think some believers are hesitant to confess their sins?


July 1

·       Psalm 33: What is your favorite song for praising the Lord?

·       Psalm 33, verse 8: What is something that awes you about God?

·       Psalm 34, verse 1: What is a practical way you can bless the Lord at all times?

·       Psalm 34: In honor of verse 3, let’s all throw out some words and phrases to magnify the Lord and exalt his name together.


July 2

·       Psalm 35: How should we treat those who hate us without cause?

·       Psalm 36: David describes God’s steadfast love as precious.  What adjectives would you use to describe God’s steadfast love for you?


July 3

·       Psalm 37, verse 1: Have you ever spent time worrying about the evil people in our world or being envious of wrongdoers?  Why are we tempted to do these things?  What 
promise from this psalm can you remember the next time you are tempted to do so?

·       Psalm 37: In verses 3-8, David begins each line with commands, such as “trust” and “delight.”  Which command do you most need to heed today?  What is one practical step 
you can take to do so?

·       Psalm 38: Verses 2-11 describe how David’s sin has affected his life.  Do you view sin in the same light?  What vivid description most stands out to you about the effects of 

·       Psalm 38: Do you have a regular habit of confessing sins to God?  If so, what is your routine like?  If not, what is one step you can take today to start that habit?


July 4

·       Psalm 39: Are you in a season right now where life seems to slowly inch forward, or are you in a season where life feels fleeting?

·       Psalm 40: Verses 2-3a are basically a very concise testimony.  Share your testimony with us in 2 or less short sentences.  Feel free to be creative and turn it into poetry!

·       Psalm 40, verse 4: Name some lies that convince our current culture to go astray.  How can we keep from being deceived?

·       Psalm 40: In verse 5, David says he will proclaim and tell of God’s wondrous deeds.  Do you make a regular habit of doing this?  How so?  If not, what holds you back the 

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