Same Page Summer - Questions for Reflection Week 4

posted by Bethel Group Life | Jul 3, 2020

Questions Week 4


Psalm 41
This psalm speaks of God’s deliverance for those who help the poor or weak, and the Lord’s protection and deliverance from the enemy’s plans. Where have you seen the Lord’s deliverance in your life recently?

Psalm 42
At a time when thoughts of better times didn’t necessarily lift your spirits, have you ever been depressed or disillusioned? In verses 5 and 11, the psalmist twice encourages himself. What has been your experience with the effect of self-talk?


Psalm 43
All around us right now people are calling for justice. Verses 3-5 show us where it is ultimately found. What are some ways that you can encourage others as they look for justice?

Psalm 44
Have you ever found it hard to apply an experience of God’s past goodness to a new situation, particularly one that you’re stuck in and that you don’t understand? Why do you think that might be?


Psalm 45
This psalm is both a prophecy of the Messiah and His people’s song of love for Him. How does your heart react to the reality of Christ’s majesty and kingdom?

Psalm 46
Wow, extreme and vivid language is used here to describe an unsettled world and an all-powerful God. What does this psalm tell you about the Lord during increasingly turbulent times?

Psalm 47
Sometimes the reality of who God really is takes ahold of us. Can you describe a time where you were so overwhelmed by the greatness of the Lord that you could not hold your praises back?


Psalm 48
God loves Zion, which is also Jerusalem, doesn’t He? This psalm also pictures the Church, the New Jerusalem, referred to in Revelation 21:1-3. What do you think that this psalm tells us about the faithfulness of God?

Psalm 49
What are your thoughts? Perspective is critical to both understanding and wisdom in any situation. How can you keep an eternal perspective with all of the clamor and pressures there are to conform to the world’s desires and viewpoints?


Psalm 50
God has strong words here for His chosen people. They have faithfully carried out the letter of the command but ignored the heart of it. What would a drone’s panoramic view of your life reveal? Verse 23 shows us two critical heart elements. How can you help those around you keep hold of these two things? 

Psalm 51
Perhaps more than any other psalm, this one reveals the heart of David. He recognizes that all sin is ultimately against God alone. What might you need to confess to God with regard to sin? Consider sharing this with others who would faithfully pray with you.


Psalm 52
We are all aware that there is evil all around us, and our souls want the scales to be balanced. What do the last two verses of this psalm show you about trusting in and waiting on the Lord?

Psalm 53
So, what do you think about verse 2 of this psalm? Share your thoughts about the importance of abiding in, or seeking after our God.

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