Soon, but Not Yet

posted by Bethel Communications | Jul 13, 2020

Bethel Family,

Last week we talked about our plan moving forward in this Coronavirus season and shared our hope that we would be able to meet indoors at all three campuses starting July 19. This weekend, after working with our state and local authorities to clarify guidelines, and holding to the values of loving our neighbor and honoring the authority placed over us, it became clear that now is not the time to open our doors for indoor worship services and ministry activities. We anticipate meeting inside our facilities soon, but not yet.

What also became clear this weekend, is that having live preaching and music at our outdoor services adds incredible value for everyone involved! Every service included a live band with music and singing and live teaching from one of Bethel's teaching pastors. We look forward to continuing to worship together like this every week until the time is right to move back inside. Thank you for your understanding and your continued prayers, and for walking with us through this journey. We hope to see you this Sunday!


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