Same Page Summer - Questions for Reflection Week 6

posted by Bethel Group Life | Jul 17, 2020

Questions Week 6
Psalms Chapters 66-78

July 20th

Psalm 66
Verses 5-6 recount God's deliverance of the Jews through the Red Sea and Jordan River, which happened several hundred years before this psalm was written. What is something the Lord did for you long ago that encourages you even to this day?

Psalm 67
Coronavirus is a crisis, but the Lord still blesses us. See verse 6. What is a blessing you are receiving even during this time?

July 21st

Psalm 68
While we are commanded to love everyone, the Lord still has enemies and so do we. In verses 1-2, David asks for the wicked to perish before God. Who are enemies of God today?

Psalm 69
In verse 9a, David proclaims his zeal for God's house. When John describes Jesus clearing the temple of the money changers, he recalls this verse as applying also to Jesus. How should we view the place the church gathers as a body?

July 22nd

Psalm 70
In verse 5, David asks God to help him. What do you need the Lord to help you with now?

Psalm 71
While the appeal is always to God for help, in verse 3 the psalmist says “you have given the command to save me." This implies God may command an angel to help us. What do you think? See Hebrews 1:14.

Psalm 72
This is a prayer for the righteous reign of David, Solomon, and their perfect successor Jesus Christ. How can you emulate our Savior by helping the afflicted and oppressed?

July 23rd

Psalm 73
Have you ever felt, like Asaph, that evil people have it easy?

Psalm 74
This psalm bemoans the destruction of Jerusalem and asks God to have regard for His covenant with Israel (v. 20). Today the Lord has demonstrated His faithfulness by reestablishing Israel as a nation. How does this impact your hope in God?

July 24th

Psalm 75
What do you think about the judgment of God?

Psalm 76
Asaph is referring to the Lord defeating an enemy attack on Jerusalem, but this also brings to mind Christ soundly defeating the Antichrist and his armies at the Second Coming (Revelation 19:19-21). How does the Lord's eventual complete defeat of evil impact your life today?

July 25th

Psalm 77
Have you experienced insomnia because you cried out to God but He seemed distant and unresponsive? How did you deal with it?

Psalm 78

Verses 1-6 describe parents and others telling the next generation the wisdom and acts of God. What is something like this you were told as a child, or something you've told a child? Also, why don't we consider reflecting on something significant God has done in our lives and purposefully sharing that with someone in a younger generation than ourselves this coming week.

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