Same Page Summer - Questions for Reflection Week 7

posted by Bethel Group Life | Jul 23, 2020

Questions Week 7 
Psalms 79-91

July 27
Psalm 79 – Describe a time in your life when you were brought very low.  How were your thoughts at that time similar and different to Asaph’s in the psalm?

Psalm 80 – Read verses 8-14 slowly while visualizing this metaphor.  Have you ever had an experience like this where God planted you in a good place, but then disaster happened?  What were your thoughts?  How did you react?

July 28
Psalm 81 – What do you think God is saying to His people today that they are not listening to?  What are the ramifications of this?  How can we, both personally and collectively, guard against this?

Psalm 82 – Who do you believe is in charge of administering justice?  Is that God’s job?  The role of the courts?  Your duty?  What shaped your beliefs, and how does that affect your actions when you witness injustice?

Psalm 83 – Do you ever pray against the enemies of God, like Asaph does in this psalm?  Do you believe there is still a need for that today?  Why or why not?

July 29
Psalm 84 – Be honest: what does your soul long for on a daily basis?  

Psalm 85 – How would you answer the questions the Sons of Korah ask in verses 5-6?

July 30
Psalm 86 – David offers lots of adoration to God in this psalm, praising God for who He is and His attributes.  How often do you offer praise and adoration to God in your prayers?  How could a Christian begin to incorporate more of this in their prayer life?

Psalm 87 – According to verse 3, glorious things were spoken of the city of God.  What glorious things have been spoken about the church today?

July 31
Psalm 88 – This psalm contains many references to darkness and death.  How does that contribute to the overall tone of the psalm?  Why do you think the psalmist chose to use such depressing word choice?

Psalm 89 – Contrast this psalm with the previous one (Psalm 88).  Why do you think the arrangers of the book of Psalms decided to place these two psalms side by side?

August 1
Psalm 90 – How has your view of time changed over your life?  How fast or slow did time seem to move in different seasons?  How does this psalm give you a new perspective on the idea of time?

Psalm 91 – How does this psalm provide comfort or encouragement for you today?

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