Same Page Summer - Questions for Reflection Week 8

posted by Bethel Group Life | Jul 31, 2020

Questions Week 8

August 3rd

Psalm 92
Take a look at verses 1 through 3. What effect does praising and thanking the Lord through music have on you?

Psalm 93
What do you find most comforting about this psalm amidst the current turmoil in our world?

Psalm 94
Do you get discouraged by injustice? What are some ways that this psalmist encourages his soul? How might you do likewise?

August 4th

Psalm 95
A heart of thanksgiving brings joy. Are you in the habit of giving thanks in all things (see Ephesians 5:20)? If not, what are some ways that you can begin to do that today?

Psalm 96
This was a psalm directed by King David to be sung in the presence of the Lord. What song does your heart sing when you are in the Lord’s presence?

Psalm 97
Considering the words of verse 6, what proclamation of God’s righteousness do you see when you look upon the stars in a clear night sky? In what way do you see His glory in them?

August 5th

Psalm 98
What are some ways that the Lord made his salvation known to you? Perhaps this occurred when you first believed in Christ or through His faithfulness over a long period. 

Psalm 99
Verse 6 says, “They called to the LORD, and he answered them.” What does it mean to you that the God of the whole earth responds to the cries of individual human hearts?

Psalm 100
Verse 2 is most often translated as, “serve the LORD with gladness!” Is there gladness and thanksgiving in your service to Him – through your job, in caring for your children, or in serving your spouse and others? Why or why not? Verse 4 shows us the way to do this.

August 6th

Psalm 101
This psalm lists a number of “I will” statements. What are some heart commitments that you have made before the Lord?

Psalm 102
Don’t you just love how real the psalms are? “Don’t hide your face from me… answer me,” the psalmist spews out in verse 2. Most of us, likewise, have been distraught from time to time. Describe a time when you were able to change your thinking as this afflicted person did in verse 12. 

August 7th

Psalm 103
This psalm of praise and thanksgiving reminds us of the depth of God’s love and care for us.  Think of some words to describe how you feel about the fact that the blood of Jesus Christ removes our sins from us, “as far as the east is from the west.”

Psalm 104
In pondering the works and wisdom of God this writer looks back (in verse 34) on his thoughts and comments as follows: “may my meditation be pleasing to Him.”  Share the character of your own meditations.

August 8th

Psalm 105
This psalm recounts the works of God described in Exodus 7, 11 and 1 Chronicles 16. Verse 2 exhorts us to tell others of his wondrous works. What are some remarkable things that the Lord has done in your life?

Psalm 106
Have you ever observed a rebellious child and a patient parent?  That is how this psalm depicts the relationship between Israel and the Lord. What are some ways that the Lord has been patient with you over time? Praise Him!

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