High School Ministry Update

posted by Simon Hart | Aug 4, 2020

As the quarantine continues for the Tri Cities, our High School Ministry is still pushing through. HSM is devoted to encouraging students to experience the gospel and find a relationship with Jesus. The focus on God’s presence in our lives has allowed students to look deeper into their relationships both personal and spiritual.  We have been meeting every week to engage in community with each other and the Holy Spirit. Recently, we have been going through a TV series named “The Chosen”. The authors of this series took creative liberties to give us a lens of what it may have been like as Christ walked the Earth. Each week, we watch an episode together and then engage in conversation about how we can view our lives differently based on the episode. We have also been meeting every Tuesday morning. We separate into two groups, boys and girls. The girls group has been interviewing and learning some advice from the leaders in HSM. The guys group has been discussing the meaning of love and how they can show more love in all of their interactions. These short one hour groups have provided students with another opportunity to grow and be in community with other Christians. It is encouraging to see the amount of people that are showing up each week to gather. Even through the masks and six feet of distance, the Holy Spirit is still coming and reaching hearts. We hope to see more new faces (or eyeballs at least) as the weeks go on and our ministry grows through the grace of Christ. 

Simon also has a Christian Blog, Wired For Wisdom, that he uses to try and empower young Christians to share the gospel. www.wiredforwisdom.info

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