August Serving Opps

posted by Angie Hufford | Aug 9, 2020

Dear fellow servants, 

We took the month of July to rest and do some catching up.  Some of our volunteers and staff were starting to feel “compassion fatigue”, and it’s important that we remain healthy in body and spirit through this ongoing difficult time in our nation’s history.  We want to be a church that brings Jesus into our community, into the homes of the broken.  We continue to look for ways to do just that, and pray for wisdom about when to say “yes” and when to say “no” as the Spirit leads us. 

Here are some wonderful opportunities to serve in our church and community for August. We are gearing up for a busy fall, so more opportunities are on the horizon.  

We are currently working with several school district employees and other churches in our area to provide assistance for teachers, students, and parents. 

1) “Virtual Care Packs” Supply Drive:  We are collecting back-to-school supplies for low income families in our community. 

ITEMS NEEDED:  spiral notebooks, pencils, pencil sharpeners, erasers, USB flashdrives, folders, earbuds (headphones) 

DROP-OFF:  Deliver to one of these locations by August 30
-Bethel Richland Office foyer collection bins:  open 24/7
-Bethel Richland worship tent on Sunday AM
-Bethel West Pasco:  Wednesday nights from 5-8PM, August 12, 19, 26

2) FCA School Prayer Walks:  Dates listed below at 8AM
August 13:  Horse Heaven Hills MS
August 14:  Kamiakin HS 
August 20:  Kennewick HS
August 21:  Libby MS
August 27:  McLoughlin MS
August 28:  Ochoa MS

3)  Adopt-A-Teacher
Our teachers have had a rough go these past few months, as they have navigated a lot of new changes, then more changes and more online teaching. We’d love to bless our teachers who call Bethel home with a “back-to-school” care package.

If you know a teacher who attends Bethel (or YOU are a teacher who attends Bethel), drop an email to, so we can get that teacher (or you) on our list! 

If your family or small group would like to adopt-a-teacher who attends Bethel, drop an email to Jan Sederburg (, and she will connect you with a teacher to bless! 

Our goal is to have all the care packages delivered the last week in August. We will have two delivery options:  either to the teacher directly or to Bethel for delivery (depending on what the teacher requests). 

4) Additional Educational options:  
In the works (more info soon): WiFi Scholarships for low-income families, Tutoring locations, Parent support groups, and more!  

We will be doing a FMB this month to bless a local Bethel teen who is battling cancer. The date has been not finalized, but check back here (the Bethel website Local Outreach page) for updates, or sign up to receive a text message about it—Text the words BCFLASHBLESS in a text message to this phone number: 474747, and you will be added to the text FMB messages. 


a. Yard work:  It would take 3-5 people a couple hours
* Trim tree
* Pressure wash outside of building
* Sweep parking lot and stairwells
* Wash outside of windows
b. Cleaning:  This would depend on how often volunteers wanted to come. We would prefer bi-weekly, but we would take monthly if someone was willing to do that (or maybe two different groups could cover it).  Probably 2 hours for 2-3 people 
* Sweep and mop floors (we do the high traffic areas weekly; would want detail done monthly)
* Vacuum rugs
* Dust client rooms, reception area, and lobby
* Clean kitchen – floors, counters, sink, and microwave
* Bathrooms – we do this every week, but on the weeks volunteers come, it’s helpful if they do this
c. Paint:  We have one area downstairs (the hall before you walk into the conference room) that needs to be painted.  We would provide all the supplies, just need people willing to paint.

d.  Additional Board Members are needed  

Contact:  Andrea Riggs//Email:  509-491-1101 
a.  URGENT NEED:  One of our programs is aimed at providing additional support to “Preferred Communities”, these are refugee families who have special medical or mental health needs.  One of our World Relief families is preparing to move into a Habitat for Humanity home, but they are having a difficult time accumulating the required 500 volunteer hours due to their special needs. We need volunteers who’d be interested in working with Habitat, either on a job site or at their store, and crediting their hours to this family.  

b. We could use some volunteers who are willing to paint and do other “handyman” jobs. 

Contact:  Ken Primus//Email:  509-734-5477

a. Volunteers needed to pressure wash the outside of our building

b. Volunteers needed to trim some trees/brush on the backside of our property 

Contact:  Avonte Jackson//Email: 509-735-2300
a. Volunteers needed to serve as the “point person” or lead for nights that food is served.  Could be for one night a month (or more, if available).   

b.  Soul Soup continues to provide 100+ meals per week.  They accept donations at Bethel in the office foyer collection bins. 

Food Needed:  
Individually wrapped items— fruit cups, granola bars, chips, Oatmeal packets, Ramen noodles, crackers, cookies, bottled water 
Contact:  Tammy Hastings//Email: 509-947-2923  

a. In need of Board Members.  This is a minimal commitment. Needed are people with a passion to help at-risk youth. 
b. In need of some volunteers to help with some light office tasks. 

Contact:  Todd Kleppin//Email: 509-438-1918

Friends, WE LOVE YOU AND WE MISS YOU!  Thank you for helping us provide care and hope to those in our community!  We continue to be AMAZED at all the Lord is doing around us during these challenging times. He is so good and it’s a privilege to serve HIM with each of you.

Blessed to be a blessing!

Angela D Hufford
Care and Compassion Ministries Director
Bethel Church 

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