Same Page Summer - Questions for Reflection Week 10

posted by Bethel Group Life | Aug 14, 2020

Questions Week 10
Psalm Chapters 123-138

August 17th

Psalm 123
This psalm reminds us how we ought to approach the Lord. Do you struggle in approaching the Lord of heaven and earth?

Psalm 124
Have you ever been awestruck at the deliverance of God in some event? Recall a time when the Lord delivered you in some great or miraculous way.

Psalm 125
Great deliverance builds our faith. At the same time, it also builds our trust in the security of God. Share how your trust and security in Christ have changed with time.

August 18th

Psalm 126
We are reminded here that there are times and seasons in our lives. In your current season, how do you encourage your heart to be joyful as you look to the future? 

Psalm 127
We all try to protect and provide for our families. This psalm reminds us that, ultimately, the Lord supplies our needs. What are some truths about our children that we may need to be reminded of?

Psalm 128
Fear of the Lord, as used here, speaks to a holy awe and reverence for Him. Describe some ways that your awe of God has grown as you have gotten to know Him more.

August 19th

Psalm 129
Have you ever had an extended trial or period of suffering? What are some things that you have learned about God’s goodness in that season?

Psalm 130
We all have tendencies or patterns in dealing with life. How easy—or difficult—do you find it to call out to the Lord when hope is hard to find?

Psalm 131
What is a matter that is too great for you to figure out, a matter that you will turn over to the Lord in humility?

August 20th

Psalm 132
The writer recounts David's sacrificial commitment to build God a temple. What is something you have prioritized to do for the Lord?

Psalm 133
Recall a time when you were part of a group of Christians "living together in unity."

Psalm 134
Have you ministered "in the house of the Lord"? What ministry would you like to be involved in at Bethel?

August 21st

Psalm 135
Verse 15 refers to idols. What is something you are tempted to idolize?

Psalm 136
Why do you think "His love endures forever" is repeated in every verse?

August 22nd

Psalm 137
Describe a time when you missed your childhood home. Rejoice that our heavenly home will be permanent.

Psalm 138
In verses 4 and 5, David wants kings to praise the Lord. Do you desire others to glorify God? How might you help them to do that?

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