Kids Express Preschool Online Classes

posted by Edie Stewart | Aug 17, 2020

We have developed a plan to provide your family with an engaging and individualized online preschool experience. Our goal is to create a user-friendly online platform that will be targeted for 3.5- 5-year old’s. Since our 2-year-old class is designed to help prepare 2-year old’s socially for an in-classroom experience, we feel that the online classroom wouldn’t be beneficial for this age group. Parents, please use your discretion for young 3-year old’s. 

Kids Express Preschool Online will consist of three interactive segments per school day. Each segment will have its own specific teacher and core subjects including science experiments, crafts, calendar, math, social and emotional learning, letters, shapes, colors, numbers, etc. Each segment will run about 10 minutes long, approximately 30 min per school day. You will have the option of a 2-day or 3-day class. The 2-day class will run on Tuesday and Thursday. The 3-day class will run on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Each video segment will premiere at the same time on the designated school days and will continue to be available to you to watch at your convenience.

To create a personalized interactive environment, teachers will do regular birthday shout outs and have a weekly ‘Share Day’ where your child will have the opportunity to share their special something. Also, each class will have weekly Zoom meetings so students can meet and learn about their new friends. Our hope is to have these classes small to keep each experience concise with better personal interaction allowing each child to really be heard and recognized.

Along with these weekly Zoom meetings, our teachers will be offering parent support meetings so you will be able to ask questions and seek help in a one on one meeting with the teacher. These will be scheduled per your request, and we suggest scheduling once a month at least during the first few months of school. Additionally, we plan to have periodic outside activity days at the Richland Bethel. Weather permitting and per COVID regulations, we will be meeting outside and continuing to social distance. Parents must remain present during the entire activity time. We feel this is an excellent way to form a preschool community of kids and parents, and help the preschool families get to know one another.

Each month you will be responsible for picking up a packet of supplies, including individualized worksheets and craft supplies, that will be broken down by week. The online lesson will coincide with the week’s folder. Lesson one - week one folder, etc. Teachers will be explaining crafts and worksheets so some adult supervision and guidance will be required for everyone to have a productive online experience.

When and if in-person classes begin, students will have the option to transition into these classes, depending on availability. Kids Express Preschool Online is an extension of Kids Express Preschool and therefore your child may not have the same teacher or schedule when transitioning to in-person classes. We will continue to provide Kids Express Preschool Online through the end of the school year for those who prefer this option.


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