Same Page Summer - Questions for Reflection Week 11

posted by Bethel Group Life | Aug 21, 2020

Discussion Questions – Week 11
Psalms 139-150

August 24th
Psalm 139: Do you regularly pray for God to search you, know you, try your thoughts, and see if there are any grievous ways in you (verses 23-24)?  If so, how has that helped you?  If not, why not?

Psalm 140: Even though many of us have not been in a situation like David’s, having evil men plotting against our lives, how can this psalm still speak to us?

August 25th
Psalm 141: Have you ever had a brother or sister in Christ gently rebuke you in a way that you knew it was a kindness (verse 5)?

Psalm 142, verse 2: When you have complaints, who is the first person you generally run to?  Your spouse?  A friend?  A co-worker?  A parent?  What happens when we run to people with our complaints first instead of God?

August 26th 
Psalm 143: Be honest, what do you thirst for?  Money?  Success?  Power?  A bigger house?  More possessions?  Popularity?  Jesus Christ?

Psalm 144: Verses 12-14 offer blessings for things such as full granaries and prosperous sheep and cattle.  Today, let’s write some modern-day blessings starting with “May our…”

August 27th 
Psalm 145: What can we do, as individuals and a small group, to commend God’s works and share His mighty acts with the next generation (verse 4)?

Psalm 146: Do you find it difficult to trust fully in the Lord?  If so, why?  If not, what made your trust in the Lord strong?

August 28th 
Psalm 147: Today, let’s offer up prayers for the brokenhearted in our community.  I’ll start…

Psalm 148: How have you personally witnessed God’s creation praise Him?

August 29th 
Psalm 149: Praising God is a theme repeated many times in the psalms.  Why is offering praise to God so important?

Psalm 150: How do you typically praise the Lord?

Overall: What have you learned reading through the psalms this summer?  How has reading through the psalms changed you?

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