Teaching Prayer as a Foundation to Your Kids

posted by Bethel Kids | Sep 16, 2020

We tend to look at prayer as an aid to our lives, but God intended it to be the foundation. When we teach our children not only to say prayers but to have natural conversations with God, we place into their hands the most valuable treasure: a friendship with God. Unfortunately for our kids, we, grown-ups, have made the practice of prayer be something complicated. First, by our example, and second, by our instruction.

What would a child watching your prayer life learn? Will they see prayer as an exciting privilege or a dreadful duty?
·  Dull and repetitious prayers intimidate kids
·  Eloquent and lengthy prayers make them want to give up on praying together
·  Open and simple prayers invite them into the miracle of knowing God in prayer

So much of the time, instead of simply letting kids pray simple, sincere prayers, we teach them the mechanics of prayer. We make it all about the right tone, the right length, the right posture, and the right vocabulary.
·  Be quiet.
·  Close your eyes.
·  Fold your hands.
·  Stop giggling.
·  Bow your head.
·  Don’t look around.
·  Be reverent.
·  Start with: Dear Heavenly Father.
·  Finish with: In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
·  Remember to say, Amen

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with any of that. But, while I believe it is very important to teach our children how to pray, I think maybe we need to toss out the “rule book” and teach them to do what they do naturally and talk to God.

Remind children that prayer is simply talking to God, and most importantly, prayer is being yourself with God. Just like there’s no wrong way to build a burger, there’s no wrong way to build a prayer! Encourages children to speak from their hearts, to use their own words, to talk about things that concern or interest them. It also teaches them to not always talk about things that require a yes or a no from God or need any performance on His part. Sometimes it’s okay to just quietly sit and enjoy God’s company.

When I’m happy
When I’m sad
First thing in the morning
At bedtime
When I’m leaving for school
When I’m sick
When I need something
At mealtime
When I’m afraid

This is a gentle invitation to make room and time for God for 31 days in a row. Parents, you can stick a 31-day plan on your refrigerator as a reminder to take time to pray with your children every day. Many parents want to include family prayers into their daily schedule, they just don’t know how to start. The Prayer Challenge might be that simple first step that will help them weave a life-giving prayer habit into the fabric of their family culture. 

FROM: DEMA KOHEN "WE ARE KID MIN" wearekidmin.com

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