Summer Camp Alternative

posted by Simon Hart | Aug 26, 2020

Disconnected in nature. Late nights, mediocre food, and intense worship. This is the kind of summer camp we all remember. This is the summer camp most of us love. Sadly, this year the High School Ministry was not able to do a week long getaway with these experiences. Instead, the high school students got to try a new style of camp. The Summer Intensive. This summer intensive was designed to allow students to have an experience with the Lord this summer. Many students had felt disconnected from God and needed an opportunity to connect. In order to stay socially distanced, yet spiritually connected, we created a series of 24 workshops for students to attend. These were small group discussions led by leaders of our ministry. The topics ranged from things like studying the bible and lifestyle worship all the way to leadership and loving your enemies. As a student, I was very impacted by these messages. They helped me to find a way to connect with God on a more personal level than I have at home this year. My peers and I were able to be pushed towards the arms of the Lord as the atmosphere of worship filled the place. The event not only connected me with God but gave me tools to be able to continue my relationship with God and others as the school year starts. While we were unable to go away and live a week in nature and surrounded by God, this intensive conference gave students an opportunity to share an experience with the Lord. While we may all prefer to go away and have a “real” summer camp, it was so encouraging to see Jesus meeting us where we are at. Here in Richland, Washington. Thank you to all of the leaders that spent time to share with us these messages of encouragement, growth, and experience. Even when we get back to normal (in Jesus name it WILL happen) I hope to see this conference continue on to teach students about what it means to be a disciple. 

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