Embracing the New Back to School

posted by Bethel Women | Aug 28, 2020

Embracing the New Back to School

by Sarah Landon

A week or two ago, the sky got overcast and the weather turned a bit chilly.  Ordinarily, the reprieve from the heat would've been welcome, but instead I got this sinking, anxious feeling.

It turns out, without being conscious of it, I have been afraid of going back to school: of bad weather, stuck inside, one day looking exactly like the next... Feeling hopeless.  Can anyone relate?

The blessing of acknowledging my fear is that now I can confess it and point myself in a new direction.  So here are the ways I'm preparing - with a hopeful spirit - for our launch back into school.

  1. Keep it Simple - I've talked with my kids about where they'd like to do their Zoom meetings and school work.  It looks a lot like beanbags and dining room table.  In order to keep all of their things together, I got a bin for their Chromebook, charger and school materials.  That's one way simple looks in my house.
  2. Plan Ahead - I'm taking some time now to plan things for the next few weeks so that I have fewer decisions to make when we're in the thick of school transitions.  My kids tend to get moodier and I need all of the brain space I can get to handle the ups and downs.  I've planned things like dinners and how much screen time I'm allowing them on weekdays.  This episode of the Next Right Thing podcast describes the idea in more detail if you want to dive in.
  3. Include Them in the Conversation (With Enthusiasm) - We've sat down and talked about the new schedule and what the kids can expect so they can begin to wrap their minds around the new program.  We've been enthusiastic about their classmates and new teachers.  We're approaching it with hope and a positive spirit.  We're all new at this and I'm trying to keep us in this together.
  4. Plan for My Spiritual Health - Moms have a unique role in their family and hold so much influence over the way our kids experience the world.  So when I take care of my own spiritual health, everyone benefits.  I'm already thinking about how I can fit a Bible study small group into my week.  Check out this link for more information and to register for a women's Bible study this fall.  It probably looks different that it has in the past, and that's okay.
  5. Pray - I know, I know, you've heard it before, but it's true - prayer is one of the most powerful and effective tools you have to prepare for what's to come.  You don't have to have all of the answers, but when we come humbly and spend time connecting with the One who holds all things in His hands, our hearts and lives are changed for the better.  May His kingdom come, His will be done in our homes in the midst of these crazy circumstances.
Blessings to you on this new school year!  We're in this together!

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