posted by Bethel Young Adults | Sep 10, 2020

God has given all believers the general call to love the Lord and to love their neighbor; to share the gospel, and to make disciples. Along with this, God has given believers a specific call for their life, whether that’s international missions, being a godly business woman, or something else to bring God glory. Many young women struggle with knowing their unique God given purpose on this earth. Even if they do know what it is, many struggle with feeling confident and equipped to pursue their purpose.This often leaves young women feeling aimless as they navigate life but we want to help with that!

Bloom is a ministry that focuses on empowering and equipping young women to discover their purpose and pursue their passions for the glory of God. We interview women who are running after the call on their life, talk about ways to discover your purpose and let girls know that they can do all things through Christ who gives them strength. Along with this, we also will talk about being a godly young woman, what faith looks like, and how to truly walk in intimacy with the Lord, amongst other things.

This is done through a weekly newsletter that consists of exclusive digital content. You can access this content by simply subscribing to BLOOM (it’s free)! Some of the content you will receive are videos, devotionals, and downloadable wallpaper. All of this will come straight to your email! You can register at We pray that BLOOM helps you to grow into the fullness of who God created you to be.

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