Helping Your Kids Through a Pandemic

posted by Bethel Kids | Sep 16, 2020

Written by Mary Billings


Some of you may have had the pleasure of meeting Julie Sanders when she and her husband Jeff were a part of our Bethel family. Jeff and Julie Sanders recently were sent by Bethel and others to be full time with AWBE, supporting missionaries around the globe. 


She has so many great resources including; Faith & Prayer, Home & Food, Marriage, Parenting, and Global Things. Her most recent and most pertinent resource is:  Praying for Students in a Pandemic 
It includes 5 devotions, each with Table Talks to guide conversations with your kids/students, suggestions for activities, and a printable verse and prayer graphic to display as a reminder. 


I’ve found Julie to be such a rich source of wisdom and encouragement in her blog, on-line resources, and recently in her, Monday Facebook Live where she talks about Praying for Students during a Pandemic. There's nothing like a pandemic to make us pray! This week she related her recent frustrating camping trip with the frustrations of distance learning and teaching in this climate, highlighting the value of “E” for “Effort”.


In her blog she writes “My favorite thing to write about is the peace God means for us to find and share with others who need to find it too. As a communicator, leader, and teacher, I love sharing stories of people and how they intersect with God’s story. I especially enjoy creating truth-filled, practical tools for the needs of people. I am the author of The ABCs of Praying for Students, as well as Expectant: 40 Devotions for New and Expectant Moms. I’m also a regular contributor in the Pray the Word Journal series with the Million Praying Moms. I was also a contributing writer for Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Multitasking Mom’s Survival Guide. I love working on teams, so you’ll find lots of places where I’ve contributed to devotionals, websites, and books that bring together groups of writers who inspire me.”


Her website has been such a wonderful discovery for me and I would love to invite you to check it out as well. You will find so many great resources on there.

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