What to Expect at Indoor Services

posted by Bethel Communications | Sep 17, 2020


Hey Bethel family, as we get closer to reopening our buildings for weekend worship services on September 20, we wanted to take just a few minutes to give you an idea of what you can expect. It will be so good to gather together once again inside the buildings that God has given us.

We’re doing everything we can do to make Bethel as safe as possible, but that’s only half of the equation. We also need you to do everything you can to be safe and responsible as we begin to come back for worship. That means, practicing good hygiene and helping us maintain social distancing. If you’re not feeling well or have pre-existing conditions, just continue to join in worshipping with us every week online. However, if you are ready to meet, we want to invite you to attend one of the services available at all three Bethel campuses this weekend. Here’s how you can prepare before you arrive:

One of the big ways we’re creating a safer environment is by limiting the number of people who can gather in each worship space for a service. The number will vary for each campus and venue, and it’s determined by Washington State guidelines for our current phase. Since we can’t just assume that you all will divide yourselves evenly throughout the services, we will continue using the same RSVP system that we set up for outdoor services. This system will allow you to reserve space in your preferred service, while allowing us to keep the numbers at each service at a safe level. We’re asking anyone who plans to attend to please RSVP ahead of time each week.

In addition to services for adults, we will also have Kid’s Church available at all three campuses. Each campus will look a little different. For the ages of Kid’s Church, how to RSVP your kids, and whether or not they will be indoors or outdoors, be sure to check the instructions for parents on the RSVP webpage before you reserve your spot. As always, we will have a secure check-in process so that your kids can be safe and have fun.

So that’s an overview of how you can be prepared before you show up, and here’s what you can expect after you get here.

When you arrive at your campus, plan to enter your worship venue through a single entrance/exit. Make sure to follow the signs to the venue you RSVPd for. If you are bringing your children to Kids Church, you will need to look for the kid’s check-in signs to point you to the right space.

Our greeters will be at each entrance ready to welcome you and answer any questions. We have hand sanitizer and extra masks at each door, and we do need to continue to wear our masks inside the building at all times.

Each venue also has designated restrooms and we will need to limit the number of people in each restroom according to the amount that is posted on each restroom door.  

When you get to your worship venue, friendly ushers will greet you at the door and help you find chairs that fit the number of people in your family.  Let them know how many chairs you need, or if you have any other special needs or requirements.

When you walk into your venue, you’re going to notice that it’s set up a lot different than normal. We’ve made several changes that will ensure safe social distancing. And if you’re in the Richland auditorium, you’ll see that we’ve setup the stage and cameras to better serve our online community in this season.

That’s a bit of what you’re going to be experiencing on a Sunday morning, but when you leave, our staff will be hard at work. They will be sanitizing every seat with foggers, and we’ll also be sanitizing every surface that is commonly touched throughout the building.

Since Richland is a larger, more complicated campus, we have a few additional notes if you plan to attend here. In order to accommodate more people, we will gather together in multiple worship venues  across the Richland property. Depending on sign ups, these may include the Main Auditorium, the Hub, Ridge View, the Kid’s Auditorium, and the Gym. As you can imagine, we don’t have the capacity to have live preaching and singing in 5 worship venues at the same time. So for now, we will need to worship together through video music and teaching. Each venue will have a live host and people available to pray and chat with you.

Now, we just covered a lot of details, but here are the three main points we want you to walk away with. One: we will be reopening all three campuses, including Richland, for indoor Sunday worship services on September 20. Two: we’re asking every person to RSVP at Bethel.ch ahead of time, and to continue to do so each week for any service you plan to attend. Three: we’re asking everyone to practice good social distancing guidelines and to wear an appropriate face mask at all times while on Bethel campuses. If you’re not comfortable worshipping with us in person, we’re still thrilled to have you with us online, every weekend.

We know that this is a lot of information and it does still look very different than normal.  However, this is a positive step towards gathering in bigger groups in our buildings, and we’re anticipating great things as God continues to build his church in Tri-cities and lower valley. See you on Sunday!


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