Choosing Brave Breakout Sessions

posted by Bethel Women | Mar 11, 2019

Brave Faith
Body and soul - Join us in the fitness studio as we breathe and stretch, relax and pray.  We'll reflect on how we can awaken courage and choose faith over fear each day.

Bravely You
Come and discover more about how you are wired, using the Enneagram personality assessment.  Find out what your unique number/type is, and how that influences the way you interact with people, the world and God.

Bravely Creative and Kind Craft
Join us as we create beautiful painted rocks, as part of the Kindness Rocks Project.  You can take your Brave rock home, give it to a friend, or hide it in our community to bless the person who finds it.

Brave Wisdom in the Word
Join us as we learn and then apply basic inductive Bible study methods that will help us read and learn from the Bible, without a devotional or study guide.  Let's be brave in seeking wisdom from God's Word.

Choosing Brave through Worship
Join us for an extended time of worship.  Choose brave with us as we lay aside the everyday noise, quiet our hearts, listen to His voice and offer up our most authentic prayers and praises.


Jars of Clay

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Encouraging words and a gentle reminder to drink deeply of Christ and His Gospel, by Karen Gervais.



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At FFF you are encouraged to work out at your personal fitness level. Modifications are offered to every workout.



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