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posted by Bethel Communications | Sep 29, 2020

Wondering what a podcast is? Or how to listen to our podcasts? Tristan has you covered! In 4 easy steps, he shares how you can listen right now. 🎧 Go here to listen now.


Hey Bethel family, my name is Tristan, and I want to tell you about three new Bethel podcasts, and how you can listen to them anytime. So if you don’t know, a podcast is a series of audio episodes that you can listen to on your computer or mobile device. A lot of people will listen during their daily commute, when they're working out, or just when they’re between activities. Either way, if you make it a habit to listen to these Bethel Podcasts regularly, we feel you will be better equipped to thrive in this world!

To listen, just follow these quick and easy steps:

First, go to On the podcasts page you’ll see the most recent episodes divided into three sections: Deeper Dive, Anchored Daily, and Bethel sermons. You can select one of the episodes here, or see older content by clicking on the “All Related Updates” button.

If you want to have episodes delivered straight to your favorite podcasting app, just select one of the podcasting icons here (show where they are) and it will open your app directly.  Then, you can hit "subscribe" or "follow" once in your app so that you never miss an episode.

If you just want to listen to an episode in your browser, or see show notes and transcripts, click on one of the episodes on the Bethel podcast page. All you have to do to listen is click on the “Listen Here” button, then click on the green “play” button.

Our hope for these podcasts is that you will be better equipped in your walk through daily devotionals, and have deeper insight into the messages from weekend services. Get started today here.

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