Greece Team Check-in

posted by Bethel Global Outreach | Mar 12, 2019

We have 5 people on a short-term team in Greece right now serving with our partner, AMG, at the CosmoVision Center (CVC). They checked in and shared the following news:

"Our time here is going by so fast. We had our first day at a refugee camp yesterday (Monday). It was a national Greek holiday called Clean Monday and everything shuts down. It is celebrated by families getting together and the kids flying kites. So we were able to take a dozen or so kites to the camp and fly them with the kids. It was a great experience and ended with handing out a little candy and some stickers.

Sunday night we got to the CVC in time for the church service. It was a great time with Americans, Greeks, Egyptians, and Africans worshipping together. A great picture of the whole church of Jesus. At the end we prayed for those who were immigrants.

We are all healthy, except for the lingering jet lag. The staff are wonderful hosts! Tuesday we will be cleaning up the guest house (from a team that just left) and then spending the rest of the day at HomeSpot in Lavrio (a center for refugees). 

Our time is going by very quickly and it's hard to believe that Scott, Jan, and Sandy will be leaving in just a few more days."

Please pray for the team that they have continued good health and effectiveness with refugees. Also that the jet lag would end soon. Pray for the safety of Scott, Jan, and Sandy who will be leaving in just 3 days as Tom and Joanne stay on until mid-May. 


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