Flash Mob Bless

posted by Bethel Care & Compassion | Mar 17, 2019

Here is a fun and easy way to serve families in need in our Bethel Body!  Sign up to participate in our monthly Flash Mob Bless activity!

Once a month, you will receive a random text message 48 hours before the bless!  The text will tell you what item to bring and where to meet.  Then a mob of Bethel folks will show up and bless the Bethel family in need!  

For example:
"FMB July:  Show up at 425 Boston Ave at 7:30pm this Friday! Bring some cash to help a Bethel family with medical expenses."

"FMB November: Come to 123 Walnut St at 6:30pm this Sunday. Bring a gift card to a local restaurant.  Help bless a Bethel foster family."

The flash mob bless could be as simple as a card of encouragement, a gift card, a needed item like diapers, or $$ for expensive medical bills.  Bring what you can or just show up and we'll have some extra items available that you can give to the family! 

Text BCFLASHBLESS to 474747 to sign up to serve!  You will receive a text back letting you know you are on the list to participate!  Then you will receive one test message a month informing you of the upcoming bless event!  


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