Early Childhood is Opening Up

posted by Bethel Kids | Oct 30, 2020

This has been a long time coming and we are just as excited as you! Starting November 15th at the Richland Campus only we will be opening our rooms to 3, 4, and 5 year olds. Prosser will be opening up to the younger kids beginning November 22nd and Pasco Campus will be coming soon so keep your eyes out for more details to come.


Pre-screen. Please check to ensure that each of your children are free from cough, chills, shortness of breath, sore throat, muscle pain and that their body temperature does not exceed 100.4. Limit your child’s belongings to their mask and a jacket or sweater.
Please be aware that our rooms are open to only a certain amount in accordance to the CDC guidelines. We cannot exceed predetermined capacity numbers in each room. Please make sure to RSVP so we are not having to turn anyone away.


Check In: There will be social distancing markers for families to use as the check-in line forms. Families will be asked questions concerning their health over the last 14 days and their temperature will be taken using a no-contact infrared thermometer. After there has been both a visual and verbal confirmation that the family is not sick, and has not been in contact with someone who is sick or presenting symptoms within the 14 days prior, families will be cleared to check in to the classroom.

At check-in, families will receive a tag for each child/ student, along with one parent tag for the whole family.  Children will be dropped off at the door to their classroom. We ask that parents do not go into the classrooms. There will be specific paths with social distancing markers leading into and out of the classroom drop off/pick up areas.


Health Screening/ Temperature Checks: Each volunteer team member, staff, and child/student will be asked to answer a list of screening questions as well as get their temperature checked upon arrival. All persons will be encouraged to check their temperatures at home before arriving but will also have their temperatures checked upon arrival. Staff and kids’ temperatures must not exceed 100.4. If you or your child has not been feeling well, please stay home and rest so we can see you healthy and feeling better the following week.

Face Masks: Adhering to the Face Mask Requirement, all persons 5 years of age and older will be asked to wear face masks at all times.  Three and four year olds are not required to wear a mask. Three – Pre-K: Masks are required for all workers in the class. All supplies will be used only by one child and/or sanitized between uses. We will wipe down all surfaces in the room between services. No snacks will be provided at this time.

Social Distancing: Children will be able to sit in their own designated space where they can participate in activities such as crafts, worship, teaching, and interaction.

Hand Sanitizer: There will be hand sanitizer pump stations as you enter the building. We encourage proper hand washing at home as well as using the hand sanitizer pump as you enter.

Suspected/ Confirmed Infection: If any of our volunteer team members, staff, or students begin to show signs/symptoms of sickness they will be asked to go home immediately to limit exposure. Persons who have been potentially exposed will be notified and asked to stay home to limit possible exposure to others.

Cleaning: Before each service, when classrooms are not occupied, all surfaces will be sprayed or wiped down prior to the next service.

Check Out: Each family will be given a parent tag at check-in, please make sure to keep that on you at all times. For pick up, the code will be checked and compared to the code on the child’s tag. 


If you aren't ready to have your kids in class yet but are missing coming to church, we understand and have created a venue just for you in the Desert View. It is family-friendly and will be set up in a way that will welcome you and your little ones. As with all services, please RSVP. We have limited space and don't want to turn anyone away.

We are so excited to start seeing your little ones again!

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