More Content, Fewer Lists

posted by James Armstrong | Mar 28, 2019

New Newsletter

We have a lot going on at Bethel. In fact, there are roughly 30 gatherings happening on any given weekday at the campuses and in people’s homes. Everything going on is important to someone, so in the past we’ve used the newsletter as a channel to communicate as much information as possible.

The launch of our new website changes things. Now, information on Bethel’s events and ministries is easier to find and more readily available.

In turn, this has freed up the new newsletter to be used as a tool to deliver content in a more engaging format. We’ll be featuring articles with content applicable to your daily walk, and videos that give you insight into different ministries and people connected to the church. Bottom line: you’re going to see more digestible content, and fewer lists.

I’ll share additional subject matter that I didn’t have enough time to include in Sunday’s sermon, and give you important news related to things like the One vision. I’m so excited to see how we can use this new tool to stay better connected to you.

James Armstrong
Lead Pastor

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