Men's Serving Highlights

posted by Bethel Men | Apr 1, 2019

The Bethel Men’s Serving Team is an opportunity for Men to use their God-given talents and resources to help others in need at Bethel Church, communities who lack the skills and or resources to do so themselves, such as elderly and widows.

Projects are either referred to us through Bethel ministries such as BAM (Bethel Assistance Ministries), Men’s ministry or direct through members of this team. Here are a few examples of projects in the past.

The first was helping a refugee family that one of our Bethel family has been mentoring with some plumbing issues that had rotted out their cabinets.

Here's what was relayed back to us after helping this family…
"Thanks guys, so much, for helping the family this morning! They were blessed beyond words. We were with them Monday evening for dinner talking about the help and they asked if you guys were from our church. We said yes. They then said, “then they will be really nice and kind like you and your wife are. The men at our mosque are not kind.” The Lord will use your expression of love through this practical help to speak to their hearts about His love for them.”

The second was helping an elderly lady (widow) by simply installing some tarps on her leaking roof to get her by until she could afford a roof. This lady was very grateful, she said we had saved her house and was considering attending Bethel after.

We also had the opportunity to help install a roof on a long time Bethel members home who had a knee injury with sustained pain.

You don’t need to be able to install sheetrock, or roof a house to be a part of the serving team, you just need the heart to serve and bless others! If your willing we would love to have you on our team and have plenty of opportunities throughout the year that would bless someone else immensely!

Feel free to reach out to us at if you feel like God is asking you to be apart of this team. We eagerly await meeting and serving with you!

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