Is Your Child Curious about Baptism

posted by Bethel Kids | Jan 5, 2021

Have you noticed lately that your child seems to be asking more questions about Salvation, Christianity, Baptism?

How do I know my child is ready to be baptized?

We believe that before being baptized, a child should be old enough to understand the gospel of Christ.
The gospel is the GOOD NEWS that God loves us and wants to be our friend.  We do bad things and that keeps us from having a relationship with God.  
God sent His son Jesus to die on the cross to take the punishment for our sins so we can have a relationship with God again.  
Jesus didn’t stay dead and is alive in heaven with God. We can now live with God forever in heaven. 

(Our response to this good news) 

When we believe Jesus died for us, and we make the choice to turn away from our sins, we become followers of Jesus.

Okay, we're ready now what?

We offer a Baptism class three times a year that will answer some of the following questions;
What is a Christian?
Why do I need to be saved and become a member of God’s family?
What does God say about Christ?
How do I become a member of God’s family?
Is there any other way to become saved from sin?
Do all people need salvation?
Who can be saved from sin?
Can we ever stop being a member of God’s family?

This class will provide information that all children should know, as well as allows them to ask questions they may have.


Our next Baptism Classes are January 10, 17, and 24 from 10:30a- 11:40a in the Mountain view room during the second service.
You can register here 

Some things to know

Children must be present for all three classes and we require at least one parent or guardian to be present with them for all three classes.

Event Details

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