Praying For Our Kids

posted by Bethel Kids | Jan 19, 2021

Written by Mary Billings

Sometimes we get stuck in praying for them beyond asking God to keep them safe in this world filled with treachery. We might just get stuck on praying the same thing all the time, "Lord, help them know and love you; help them make the right choices, keep them healthy and safe".

Julie Sanders gives us a higher perspective and 6 Specific Ways you might not have thought of praying for them to grow in their faith! Read her article to see the prayers for:

1. A Prayer for Their Mind
2. A Prayer for Their Heart
3. A Prayer for Their Walk
4. A Prayer for Their Pride
5. A Prayer for Their Service
6. A Prayer for Their Devotion

She ends with this:

"So what is it you want for your child?
We want more for our children than the best seats in the house. With all that’s in us, we can lift up powerful prayers for our child’s faith to be strong and ready to stand in the world. We kneel before the Lord Himself, asking Him to shape their mind, their heart, their walk, their pride, their service, and their devotion. Amen."

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