Bethel Pen Pal Partnership

posted by Angie Hufford | Feb 17, 2021

Thank you for your interest in our pen pal partnership program. Tapteal students are looking forward to the Bethel Pen Pal Partnership.  Below is information about volunteer responsibilities. You will receive more information once you volunteer for the program.  To sign up as a volunteer in the program, CLICK HERE 


At this time, we anticipate this program will conclude at the end of the current school year (mid-June)   

Volunteer Responsibilities 

  • The name and address of a pen pal will be assigned to you. Please send a letter 2x per month (approximately every 2-3 weeks). 
  • Students may mail a letter back to you. They will mail those letters to the church to ensure confidentiality. When you send a letter, please include a stamped envelope with the following address for the student to possibly mail a letter back to you: 

Bethel Pen Pal Program

℅ (insert your name here)

600 Shockley Rd

Richland WA 99352 

Keeping it safe  

We want to protect the safety and privacy of both you and our young writers.  Please keep the following in mind:  

  • Feel free to include bookmarks, coloring pictures, and stickers that fit in an envelope, but avoid larger gifts and never send money or gift cards . 
  • This is a pen pal program via mailing letters only. Arrangements to visit your pen pal in person are not permitted. 
  • Keep in mind that these students come from various religious backgrounds.  Please be sensitive to their beliefs and remember your role is to support them where they are at right now. 
  • Remember that you are not doing this to receive mail.  You may not receive anything back.  Do write consistently regardless of the response 
  • Refrain from questions about their personal lives.  If they chose to share, that is fine, but please stay away from probing questions. Avoid questions that might make the student feel uncomfortable or unsafe.
  • Students may share problems or concerns. Your role is a mentor and friend. It is not your responsibility to problem solve or try to create solutions. School staff are best equipped and able to assist with student problems and concerns. 

If you have additional questions or there is a way the church can provide additional support, please contact

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