Be the Church - Dr. Bob Utley

posted by Bethel Communications | Apr 4, 2019

“Influencers” are everywhere. Movie stars telling you what to like on social media, and models telling you what to wear on TV. Jesus calls us to be a different kind of influencer - “World Changers” as we like to say at Bethel.

“Be the Church” is a new video series where Pastor James sits down with a guest and talks about what we can do, as the church, to be influencers for Jesus. Guests will be missionaries from around the world, public speakers, and experts in particular areas of ministries.

Several weeks ago Dr. Bob Utley visited Bethel to lead the “You Can Understand the Bible” conference, where he taught a few very simple strategies to understand and interpret the Bible. While he was here Dr. Bob sat down with Pastor James to talk more in depth about interpreting Bible, among several other miscellaneous topics. 

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