How to Pray for Local Non-Profits

posted by Bethel Care & Compassion | Mar 14, 2021

Nonprofit agencies and their staff have continued to find creative and meaningful ways to serve their clients despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The journey has been difficult for many, and Bethel Church has been on the front lines of these efforts, partnering together with 20 agencies/organizations and 4 local missionaries in our community to support, encourage, and serve our agency partners and friends.  We truly have been in this together and it's a joy to provide a community love blitz during February! 

Here's how you can pray for these agencies:



CLIENTS:  Pray for the individuals and families these agencies/ministries serve. 
  • Many feel hopeless, lonely, discouraged, afraid and are in need relief. 
  • Many do not know Jesus. 
  • Many are struggling and are only "hanging on" because of the agency/ministry that is serving their family. 
STAFF:  Pray for the staff at each agency/ministry
  • To feel encouraged, refreshed, and supported, to know they are making a difference
  • For endurance and faithfulness 
  • For opportunities to shine the light and hope of Jesus into the dark places    
FINANCES:  Many nonprofits have received less donations since Covid began. 
  • Pray they would become (or remain) sustainable and stable in order to carry out their mission. 
  • Pray that people would faithfully give to help them help others  


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