Knowledge is Only Rumor Until it Lives in the Bones

posted by Drew Walsh | Apr 17, 2019

If you’re anything like me ...

If you're anything like me, you grew up in church or in a Christian family. Or maybe your’e a “mature” believer, and you know a lot about the Bible.  Well chances are the story of the cross and an empty tomb are not new to you. Chances are you’ve not only heard the story many times but you’ve read about it millions of times, too.

It’s a challenge for old truths, regardless of however impactful and life-changing they may be, to hold fresh excitement over us. But a couple weeks ago I learned something interesting that has greatly challenged me as I have anticipated this Easter season. Ready?

“Knowledge is only rumor until it lives in the bones.” This is an ancient saying from the Asaro tribe in Papua New Guinea. It is their inter-tribe mantra to not only know truth but also apply it. For they believe that truth not practiced, truth that does not root itself deep within us and therefore change us from the inside out, exemplifying itself in changed behavior and living - that kind of truth lives merely in our heads and hasn’t reached the core of our bones.  

This Good Friday and this Easter I am challenging you just as I am challenging myself: let the truth of the work of the cross and the victory of Christ sink deep within your bones. May you dwell on the knowledge of it, yes. But, even better - may it stir your heart to the deepest possible response of joy, thankfulness, and celebration. May you allow our Conquering Christ to captivate you once again.

This is exactly the opportunity we hope to provide this Friday at our Good Friday Night of Worship, which is at 7 pm in the Richland auditorium.  Dry bones come to life!

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