Keeping Your Cool

posted by Bethel Kids | Mar 16, 2021

Written by Mary Billings

How do you keep your cool when your child is acting out in defiance or doing the same foolish thing you've specifically instructed them not to do so many times you've lost count?

My husband and I are almost empty-nesters. Each of our three kids has been fairly compliant, but they still required a lot of correcting, instruction, and more patience than I had to give on a regular basis. Disciplining kids is one of the most exhausting and difficult parts of parenting, I think. We didn't always succeed in following the best practice when it came to correcting misbehavior. I understood that the goal was to train their hearts, but too often we merely focused more on outward behavior and didn't always keep our cool. 

I'd like to share this article from the author of "Don't Make Me Count to Three". It gives six guidelines for controlling your emotions while correcting your kids. Two examples are; Examine your motives - Am I doing this because my will has been violated or God's will has been violated? And Be prepared to suggest a biblical solution. We can tell our children what to put off (sinfulness) but we must remember that it is even more important to tell them what to put on (righteousness), to train them in how to replace that wrong behavior with the right behavior, and to then have them actually exercise what they have learned.

"By verbally correcting our children in righteousness using God’s Word, we are preparing them to govern their own actions and enabling them to discern matters in their own hearts. We want them to heed our instructions so that they can learn how to discern what is right."

Here is the full article from Family Life.

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