Easter Garland

posted by Bethel Kids | Mar 23, 2021

Written by Kayla Stevens taken from Lifeway's Easter Study

The whole Bible is about Jesus. It is the story of God’s plan to send Jesus to rescue us from sin. All of the Old Testament points forward to Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. As we look forward to celebrating Easter, we remember the hope we have in Jesus. 


  • plastic eggs 
  • slips of paper 
  • an empty jar 
  • white kitchen twine or thin yarn 


  1. Puncture a hole in each end of the egg. 
  2. Insert the twine into one end of the plastic egg and string it through the other end. 
  3. Tie a small knot at each end of each egg to hold it in place. 
  4. Be sure to leave a small amount of space to open and close each plastic egg. 

Gather your supplies and work with your family to make the Easter garland.

A few weeks before Easter, collect several slips of paper and place them in an empty jar.

Encourage your family to think about truths you know about Jesus from the Old and New Testaments.

Include truths you learn throughout this study.

Write down one truth on a different slip of paper each day leading up to Easter and place it in one of the plastic eggs on your Easter garland.

Each day your family will add truths about Jesus to the Easter garland in anticipation of Easter.

With older children, consider writing down Bible verses that match each truth.
For example: Jesus is the promised Messiah-Isaiah 9:6; God sent Jesus to earth with a purpose-John 3:16.

Briefly discuss each truth or verse as you place it in an egg. 

Easter Sunday:

On Easter Sunday, open all of the plastic eggs as a family and celebrate Jesus’ resurrection and the promises He fulfilled.

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