DEEPER DIVE: Palm Sunday

posted by Bethel Communications | Mar 28, 2021

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We are aware of Palm Sunday and of Resurrection Sunday (Easter) but there’s a whole week that happens between those two days. Let’s walk through real quick what happened in the Biblical storyline on those days. 
  • Sunday (Palm Sunday): Jesus enters Jerusalem
  • Monday: Jesus curses the fig tree (Mark 11:12-13) Jesus cleanses the temple (Mark 11:14-19)
  • Tuesday: Jesus teaches in the Temple for the last time before his death. He regards the elders as having no authority of him (Matt. 21:23-27) 
  • Wednesday (Spy Wednesday?) Jesus eats at Simon the Leper’s house, is anointed with oil. In Bethany. (Mark 14:3-11)
  • Thursday (Maundy Thursday): Jesus has the passover meal with his disciples in the upper room. (John 13:1- 18:27) 
  • In Latin, the verse begins with Mandatum novum do vobis. The word “maundy” is a corruption of “mandatum” meaning commandment.
  • Friday (Good Friday): Jesus goes on trial and is crucified (Luke 23:1-56) 
  • Saturday (Holy Saturday): the tomb is put under guard (Matt. 27:62-66)
  • Resurrection Sunday


“But today, one death, one brutal, gruesome death, the worst and best of all human deaths, will leave upon the canvas of human history the darkest brushstroke. In Jerusalem, God the Son, the Creator of all that is (John 1:3), will be executed.” 

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