posted by Bethel Group Life | Apr 22, 2019

Written by Bryan Ruby

Four years ago, on an early morning run, something amazing happened. I’ve only shared it with a handful of friends and family—until now.

Joan and I had been talking and praying for several months about a life decision concerning my work and what the future may look like. I was close to retirement age and my career job had ended.

 My wife’s sensible, analytical, full-of-faith approach was that God would lead us as He had through the years. My approach was much more complex, and true to my Rubyness—pray about it, then worry myself to death. 

You see, I come from a long line of professional worriers. Graduating with honors from The U of A—that would be Anxiousness—not Arizona. I earned my degree in Fidgeting and Second Guessing, with a minor in Spontaneous Sighing. Cliff notes are available if you are so inclined.

On this particular morning and nearing the end of my run, the prayer was the same, Lord, show me what to do—the future still unknown—my gut in knots. 

Rounding the corner on South Highlands, I ran over something in the middle of my stride that made me turn back. I love shiny things! I literally stood there on the shoulder of the road with gaping mouth. It was a metal cross. 

Bending over it, my heart pounded in my chest. Time stopped.

The cross wasn’t gold, silver, or from a jewelry store. But, some kind of part, a piece of something bigger. I still don’t know—doesn’t matter. A cross. Put there for me.

It was a crack of thunder, an aha moment, a moment that changed me. Jesus took time to personally let me know He was true to His word and that I could trust Him with my future.

Now, when worry starts to pull me into its toothless grip, I remember that early morning run. The day God let me know He has my back, and no matter what I go through, He’s there to help me finish the race. 

So, are you facing crossroads in your life? Let Jesus have your future. I bet something amazing will happen.

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