Bethel Institute - A New Way to Equip, Empower, and Send Disciples

posted by Bethel Communications | Apr 18, 2021

What is Bethel Institute?

We believe that discipleship and leadership development should primarily take place through the local church. The church can best foster the relationships, the environment and the information that enables people to follow Christ, to be changed by Christ and to join him in His mission. The Institute will play an integral part in Bethel’s overall discipleship and leadership development strategy. 

We have created the Institute to be an innovative way of laying foundations and equipping the church in the areas of biblical literacy and theological formation, for the purpose of living on mission. Think of the Institute as the “equipping arm” of the church.

Our aim is to provide catalytic training to EQUIP disciples, EMPOWER leaders, and SEND culture-shaping, kingdom-minded, biblically-fluent followers of Jesus into the world.

What are the components of Bethel institute?

Though classes are only part of what you can expect in the Bethel Institute, they will be a vital part of what we do.  Our cycle of Institute classes will lay a relatively comprehensive and systematic foundation for disciples in key areas: knowing God’s story through His Word, learning how God’s story informs your beliefs, and learning how to apply those beliefs to every sphere of your life as you are sent out as a disciple of Jesus. As you dive deep into these classes, you will have the opportunity to grow in your love for God, Scripture and God’s mission.

In addition to these core classes, we are developing classes on Church History, Biblical Ethics, Worldview, Apologetics, and more. 

Logistics of Bethel Institute

Where will the Institute take place? 
  • The initial location for Institute courses this fall will be the Richland Campus. We are currently assessing the feasibility of courses on the West Pasco and Prosser campuses in the near future. Our hope is that every campus will have a viable Institute strategy in the next 6-12 months.
When will the Institute take place?
  • The Institute will run for two semesters with shorter intensives. The semesters will run from September - December and February - May. There will be a four-week intensive in January. We are considering summer intensives which may consist of weekend or one-day intensives.
What are the key elements and learning environment for Institute classes?
  • The primary elements of each course are theological study, experiential learning, and cohort-style development.
  • Each week, participants will have reading and reflection assignments, in-person lectures, and roundtable discussions with a cohort.
Will the courses be live and in-person or video?
  • We are anticipating that the teaching will primarily be live and in-person. There is the possibility of online options for those who cannot attend in-person.


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