Has Technology Taken Over Your Home?

posted by Bethel Kids | Apr 27, 2021

Written by Mary Billings

In this digital age, children spend more time absorbed in screens and less time playing outside, reading a book, or enjoying family. With the book, Screen Kids, you will become empowered to make positive changes in your children’s lives. Discover how to take back our home from an over dependence on screens, and learn to teach the five A+ skills that every child needs to master: 

  1. Affection 
  2. Appreciation 
  3. Anger management 
  4. Apology 
  5. Attention 

A recent Focus on the Family broadcast interviews authors Gary Chapman and Arlene Pellicane about the subject of this book. Some of the things discussed were the following;

Warning Signs of Too Much Screen Time 

My child 
  1. Is irritable, tearful, depressed, or angry. 
  2. Has a hard time focusing. 
  3. Is forgetful and disorganized. 
  4. Is defiant and impulsive. 
  5. Is not empathetic and has poor social skills. 

How Screen Time Impacts the Brain 

  • Thinning Cortex 
  • Lower scores on thinking and language tests 
  • Stress hormone cortisol rises 
  • Blue light changes the body clock 
  • Reduced dopamine receptors and transporters 
  • Brain scans of video game players and drug addicts look similar 
  • Abnormal processing (decision-making skills impaired) 

The interview ends with Arlene Pellicane saying, “I think to have an action step that you think, okay, I’ve heard this, and now we’re going to do the screen-free meal time, or I’ve heard this, and I’m going to collect the phone, the digital baby that’s crying all night in my teenager’s room, and so they can’t sleep, I’m going to collect that at night, and just pick one thing, and really follow through, and really do it. And, don’t expect that your kids are going to rise up and call you blessed, because they probably won’t.” 

In our home, we have had the rule of no screens at the dinner table and no electronics in the bedrooms, among a few others, but there are more boundaries I’ve learned in this book and in the broadcast that I think we can incorporate for both parents and kids. 

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